Commercial Investment


Attractive annual income distributions, equity upside, preservation of wealth and more.

Why opt for commercial investment?
  • Market Risk: Property investments are less prone to market fluctuations
  • Profit Perspective: Real estate investments involve land banking which rises at least at an average rate of 3-5 % per year
  • Passive Income: Commercial property is a tangible asset. It gives benefits even if it is not being used by the owner. The rental incomes comes as added benefit
  • Faster ROI: Earnings from day 1, Commercial properties with preoccupied tenancy can fetch returns as soon as you’ve invested.
  • Dual Gains: Real estate investments typically increase in value over years. This appreciation can be considered for both property and rent. Attractive rental returns makes it easier to liquidate at higher price when needed.
  • Market Risk: Equity investments depends heavily on market conditions.
  • Profit Perspective: Investing in equity is quite uncertain in terms of profits.
  • Passive Income: Equity needs to be carefully studied and actively involved to get maximum profits
  • Faster ROI: Long term unpredictable ROIs.
  • Dual Gains: Single gain system which appreciates only on market growth.
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