Customized Office Space

Your custom office space to suit your work and team

KTL Coworks provides highly customizable & scalable office infrastructure for businesses looking to move into a productive environment. Custom built dedicated desks & office space for oraganizations lacking time to design & built their own space. Ideal for team size above 20.

Why go for a customized office?
Setting up your own office space is tiresome and it slows down your business growth.
  • On an average, it takes 3-6 months to set up an Office space yourself.
  • It requires significant upfront costs in furniture & utilities, which locks up your capital.
  • With an office comes so many associated costs of maintenance, brokerage, backup, internet, security & more.
  • You want your own branding & design, which meets your company culture & requirements.
  • With a KTL Coworks' Custom Office, you can move fast and build competitive advantage for your business.
  • With KTL Coworks, you can take off in less than 35 days
  • With KTL Coworks, you pay a single, all inclusive price per seat.
  • KTL Coworks designs your office the way you want it, so you never feel out of place.
  • You get a fully managed work space, freeing you to focus on your work & take advantage of opportunities..
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    Remove this image No Brokerage & Hassle of Paperwork
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    Mattie Stepanek | CREATIVE DIRECTOR
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