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About KTL Interiors

KTL Office Interiors is an interior design and build company with one stop turnkey solution for space discovery, space planning and interior design and execution across all types of commercial office spaces. KTL was started in 2018, as a managed office space operator for various corporates. With years of experience and expertise in building custom fit office spaces, KTL has added value to their service by venturing into turnkey office projects for companies looking out to design and build their own office spaces.

KTL connects with the client, understands their office concept, design, budget, timelines and comes back with the most reasonable proposal covering all stages of the project starting from design to project completion.

KTL is elevating the interior concepts of companies

Your Creative Space

Over 50 locations worldwide

KTL understands your office needs from the very inception, we understand your requirements and design the space and execute keeping in mind your company culture, most modern design etiquettes are used to create a creative and collaborative office for the most productive workspace

Comfortable space for creative people.

We Deliver Your Designs

Design themes are not just to visually appeal the people working in the office, but to incorporate company values and work aesthetic to visually indulge people with the company


Total Office Solutions

From privacy in office to all
collaborative discussions,
team huddles, training, we
incorporate everything with
our best efforts to maximise
the office potential

How KTL Stands Out


• KTL has investing partners / industrial tie up organizations which runs all South India distribution chains for most of branded glass, fittings, wallpapers etc which helps us land inventory at best prices in the market. • Inhouse modular furniture unit – KTL has also recently ventured into an inhouse modular furniture manufacturing unit particularly specializing in modern, state of art, modular furniture

Professional & Timebound

With KTL having a fulltime inhouse team of professional carpenters, fitters, HVAC and MEP on board, the average time for project completion for a 10k sqft office facility is 30 – 40 days, which is much lesser compared to standard 45-60 day timeline for other companies


The offices are built following the design SOPs as specified by the client without compromising on the company work culture and standards.

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Designs that create an impact

Tailor made designs that bring the company colour and the vibrant ambience at every inch of your office to create the perfect impact that you have intended to bring from the office

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